Granite Paver And Its Conventional Use

Granite is the gift of nature to mankind and is the stepping stone of human architecture. The granite is always used for construction for ages. The durability and texture of this stone make it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The granite itself is the ingenious rock which is made of earthly minerals which get compacted together underground for millions of years. The high pressure of earth forces has made this rock strong and durable. The human has been using this rock for making the large structure and even after centuries, we can see those structures standing. These long-standing structures are evidence for the strength and durability of granite. Now in modern times granite is still in popular use and one of its applications is in the form of granite pavers.

The granite pavers are not used only used in modern times but we can see the same in historical buildings also. But with the advent of time, the application of good granite pavers has been diversified. Some of the conventional use of granite pavers are as follows;


The granite pavers are mostly used to make walkways or pathways. As the granite pavers are durable and can withstand a lot of traffic, so it is ideal for heavy use. As the granite pavers will require less maintenance and easy to clean. So we can see that people are using these for the same purpose for centuries. Till now the other substitutes are not that popular for the same purpose. We can see our public gardens are full of pathways made of granite pavers

Swimming Pool coping:

The other important application of granite paver sis around swimming pools. As the area surrounding pools is usually wet, as the granite pavers help to keep it dry and less slippery. Even we can see the stair made at the corner of ponds or rivers are made of granite pavers.

Garage or driveways:

Due to the high strength of granite, the pavers are ideal for garage or driveways. The ideal pavers installed in driveways have to bear rough treatment and heavyweights. If the granite pavers will not be installed than other tiles can get damaged easily. There are very few materials like granite which can withstand such extreme pressure of moving or stationary vehicles. They also have to face harsh weather like rain, sunlight or snow.


The granite pavers can be seen in modern architecture. We can observe many full buildings contains granite on their exterior wall. The granite is resistant to water and can withstand any type of weather. So people prefer to use this for their exterior protection. The not only protection, once install granite pavers also provides an elegant and contemporary look to the exterior of your building.